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Cookie Policy

We use Cookies technology (hereinafter referred to as "Cookies") to collect and store information about your use of the Ping An of China Asset Management (Hong Kong) website. You can find out more about Cookies and how to control them below.

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1. What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that contain small amounts of data that are downloaded to your browser or device when you visit certain websites. Every subsequently visit to these websites, cookies will be sent to those websites or another website that recognizes the cookies. Cookies are widely used to enable websites to function or operate more efficiently, as well as to provide information about website usage.

Cookies serve many different functions, such as providing you with an efficient page browsing experience, remembering your preferences, and improving the overall user experience. For example, cookies can tell us whether you have used the site before, or whether you are a new user.

2. What types of Cookies do we use and how do we use them?

We use performance, analysis and tracking cookies on our website and use first-party performance, analysis and tracking cookies through an external service (Google Analytics) to statistically analyze the login, usage or performance of Ping An of China Asset Management (Hong Kong) website, in order to provide you with a better user experience and assist in the maintenance, operation and continuous improvement of the website. These cookies are used only to monitor website performance by collecting anonymous information (i.e. no information that identifies you is collected).

For example, these cookies allow us to:

a) Gain a deeper understanding of the visitors of Ping An of China Asset Management (Hong Kong) website so that we can improve the presentation of website content;

b) Collect technical information, such as the browser a user uses, the most visited sections, or how the user accesses the website (such as links from third-party websites); and

c) Improve the design of the website by measuring any errors that occur and conducting research and diagnosis to improve the product/service.

3. How to control cookies

You have the choice whether to accept Cookies. To opt in or out of cookies, please click on our pop-up banner when visiting Ping An of China Asset Management (Hong Kong) website for the first time. However, please note that if you choose to refuse the installation of Cookies, you may not be able to use the full functionality of Ping An of China Asset Management (Hong Kong) webiste.

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