Ping An of China CSI HK Dividend ETF (3070)

1.Monthly Fund Factsheet (07-2021)DownloadFile Size: 392.53KB
2.Interim Report 2021DownloadFile Size: 1.7MB
3.Dividend Announcement_Jun 2021DownloadFile Size: 352.26KB
4.PRODUCT KEY FACTSDownloadFile Size: 590.97KB
5.Annual Report for year 2020DownloadFile Size: 1.9MB
6.Ping An of China ETF - ProspectusDownloadFile Size: 1.5MB
7.Announcement on Amended and Restated Trust Deed and Update to Offering Documents to comply with revised Code on Unit Trusts and Mutual Funds Index methodology change to the underlying index and Reduction of Management Fee (for the Ping An of China CSI 5-10Y CGB ETF only)DownloadFile Size: 223.14KB
8.Announcement on Change of DirectorsDownloadFile Size: 165.63KB
9.Announcement - Clarification on Performance Information on MDownloadFile Size: 270.46KB
10.Announcement and AddendumDownloadFile Size: 199.25KB