Ping An of China CSI HK Dividend ETF (3070)

1.Product Key Facts (04/2024)DownloadFile Size: 350.95KB
2.Annual Report (31/12/2023)DownloadFile Size: 965.99KB
3.Monthly Fund Factsheet (03/2024)DownloadFile Size: 1.3MB
4.Dividend Announcement (08/12/2023)DownloadFile Size: 348.67KB
5.Notice to Unitholders (07/12/2023)DownloadFile Size: 203.34KB
6.Prospectus (07/12/2023)DownloadFile Size: 1.5MB
7.Interim Report 2023DownloadFile Size: 1.6MB
8.Dividend Announcement (13/06/2023)DownloadFile Size: 350.45KB
9.Dividend Announcement (09/12/2022)DownloadFile Size: 353.17KB
10.Dividend Announcement (15/06/2022)DownloadFile Size: 349.56KB
11.Dividend Announcement (14/12/2021)DownloadFile Size: 356.03KB
12.Dividend Announcement (13/12/2021)DownloadFile Size: 354.04KB
13.Announcement - Clarification on Performance Information on Monthly Fund Factsheets and Financial Reports of the Sub-FundDownloadFile Size: 270.46KB