Ping An of China CSI HK Dividend ETF (3070)

1.Monthly Fund Factsheets (02-2019)DownloadFile Size: 339.36KB
2.Monthly Fund Factsheets (01-2019)DownloadFile Size: 337.28KB
3.Monthly Fund Factsheets (12-2018)DownloadFile Size: 339.43KB
4.Monthly Fund Factsheet (12-2018)DownloadFile Size: 339.43KB
5.ProspectusDownloadFile Size: 4.1MB
6.Announcement on Change of DirectorsDownloadFile Size: 163.29KB
7.Monthly Fund Factsheet (11-2018)DownloadFile Size: 339.04KB
8.Dividend Announcement (12-2018)DownloadFile Size: 448.82KB
9.Announcement - Clarification on Performance Information on MDownloadFile Size: 270.46KB
10.Annual Report (12-2017)DownloadFile Size: 882.75KB
11.Announcement and AddendumDownloadFile Size: 199.25KB
12.Semi-annual Report (06-2018)DownloadFile Size: 495.57KB
13.Product Key FactsDownloadFile Size: 480.37KB