Ping An of China CSI 5-10Y CGB ETF (3080)

1.Dividend Announcement (12-2019)DownloadFile Size: 353.66KB
2.Monthly Fund Factsheet (10-2019)DownloadFile Size: 260.08KB
3.Interim Report 2019DownloadFile Size: 1.3MB
4.ProspectusDownloadFile Size: 4.3MB
5.Announcement on Change of DirectorsDownloadFile Size: 165.63KB
6.Dividend Announcement Jun 2019DownloadFile Size: 88.18KB
7.Financial Report for Year 2018DownloadFile Size: 1.3MB
8.Product Key FactsDownloadFile Size: 407.27KB
9.Dividend Announcement (12-2018)DownloadFile Size: 447.47KB
10.Dividend Announcement (06-2018)DownloadFile Size: 82.84KB
11.Announcement and AddendumDownloadFile Size: 199.25KB
12.Semi-annual Report (06-2018)DownloadFile Size: 495.57KB

All dollar amounts are in HKD. All dates are in GMT+8 Time. Any exceptions are noted.

Important Information: Investment involves risks and unit prices may go down as well as up. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. CGB ETF may not be suitable for everyone. Investors should read the prospectus and Product Key Facts Statement ("KFS") of the CGB ETF (the “Offering Document”) carefully for further details including product features and risk factors, and consider their own investment objectives and other circumstances before investing in the CGB ETF. Investors should not only base on this material alone to make investment decisions. This material has not been reviewed by the SFC. The SFC takes no responsibility for the contents disclosed above and makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness. Issued by Ping An of China Asset Management (Hong Kong) Co. Limited.